Heathered Pearls

There’s been a lot of love for Marsen Jules’ Pop Ambient inspired isolatedmix in the past week, which has buried me in a Pop Ambient hole this past week (it’s not like I don’t listen to them enough anyway). One thing that always hooks me when listening to Pop Ambient releases, is the repetitive, looping, mind twisting textures from the likes of Klimek, Markus Guentner and Popnoname, to name just a few. It’s hard to replicate something like this, and I haven’t stumbled across many producers who (knowingly or not) can emulate such meandering, immersing loops, without leaving you feeling pretty bored within the first minute or two.

I’m sure there’s plenty of you who have come across Heathered Pearls before, but Jakub’s latest release drops right in the midst of my Pop Ambient revival and I can’t help but compare his approach to many of Kompakt’s finest. Also, I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything any Heathered Pearls before – Jakub’s releases have been a steady stream this year and he’s hitting sweeter notes each time, not to mention each release is a generous ‘pay what you want’ download.

Yes, it’s a bit of a kop-out comparing an ‘ambient’ artist to a ‘Pop Ambient’ sound, so I’ll try not to do that too much – he’s got his own thing going on that’s for sure. Jakub nails the loops and the textures but has the ability to define the slightest, most detailed of changes and tones. His tracks are always pretty short, but nearly always develop, just enough to keep you interested and wanting more.

Jakub also seems to experiment with lots of different instruments and approaches – something many ambient artists find hard to do once a formula has been set. From dark and monotone, to what seems like a chopped disco beat in one of my favourite tracks, ‘Endless Tunneling’. Repetition and loops may be his drug of choice, but experimentation is defining a new sound with each additional release.

Despite his releases only just seeing the light of day in 2011, Jakub is of course no newbie to ambient music, which is all the more promising for us keen ears. His stuff so far is addictive, yet without a doubt, his sound is constantly being refined. I’m sure we’ll be treated to plenty more beautiful color repetitions in the coming months, which is just as well – Jakub’s circular sounds have the ability to get inside your head and stay there for a long time – infinite, textured roads with no end in sight…

Below is a selection from Jakub’s discography, and in case you hadn’t made the comparison, Jakub also DJ’s as Aarnio, curator of two excellent, previously featured mixes.

Listen and download Heathered Pearls on Bandcamp or Soundcloud.

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