Passing by: Dedo, Brothomstates, Sundog, Fill & Mig Dfoe

Sundog – West Of Shetland
Up first, a beautiful mix posted on the ASIP Facebook page by Andrew Emery aka Sundog. Titled ‘West of Shetland’, it features a cold yet strikingly beautiful mix of ambient, drone and electronica, with the analogue kings of nearby Scotland gracing the mix with several tracks and one of my favourite Biosphere musicscapes, ‘As The Sun Kissed The Horizon‘. Download

1. Biosphere – As The Sun Kissed The Horizon;
2. Boards of Canada – Olson v.3;
3. Deaf Center- Limn;
4. Helios – Life Cycle;
5. Isis – Weight – (Fennesz remix);
6. All – Sag Alles Ab;
7. Fennesz – Happy Audio;
8. Yann Tiersen – Coma;
9. Mount Kimbie – William;
10. Boards of Canada – Slow this Bird Down (Skywave cover);
11. Royksopp – Come;
12. Helios – First Dream Called Ocean;
13. Triola – In Lourdes;
14. Boards of Canada – Seven Forty Seven.

port-royal – Hermitage 3 (Dedo remix)
Long time port-royal remixer, Stefano Panzera and visual artist Jack Lane combine to put a magical touch on port-royal’s Hermitage 3. Dedo, also producers more ‘poppy’ shoegaze/electronic tracks with a unique ‘hacienda’ style reminiscent of New Order, available on Bandcamp (‘Flow’ and ‘Silver Snow’ are particularly good). Thanks to David Kira for posting this one.

Brothomstates – unknown
I’ve never really dug into Brothomstates stuff, so I haven’t the foggiest what the track is featured on this video, but thanks to mmalex on twitter for pointing me to this stunning video. Track ID anyone?

Fill – Gardarike Podcast
Fill, aka Daniil Vavilov, the man behind the brilliant ‘Into The Deep’ mixes and of course the alter-ego of ‘Bulb’ is currently sitting on a gem of a track called ‘Tenderness‘ – out next month and a long time coming (it’s awesome!) Until then, Daniil continues to put out some rather lovely mixes including this one for the Gardarike podcast.

01. Tycho – Adrift
02. Boards Of Canada – In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country
03. Phil Gerus – Missing Part
04. ConsolerCtrl – Herd Prep
05. Global Communication – 14:31
06. Loscil – Shallow Water Blackout
07. Fill – Involved With The Shadow
08. Nest – Charlotte
09. Parachutes – Where Were You?
10. Melomake – I Have Lost
11. Harold Budd – One True Love
12. The Flashbulb – The Basement Guitarist
13. Dentist – Lst Trck
14. Ilya Wazuhiru – Void
15. Naono – Withoutsound
16. Boards of Canada – Over The Horizon Radar

Mig Dfoe – How To Talk To The Moon.
I was massively impressed to receive a promo for Mig Dfoe’s new album on Loki. As you know from his exclusive ASIP mix and my love for his debut album on Zaubernuss, Mig’s one talented producer and his latest effort is an ever more twisted and dare I say it, psychedelic dive into electronica and techno. More to come on this one, but for now Adam Simcox has put together a video for ‘For The Man Of The Long Stay Behind Those Doors’, a weird and wacky video to match the title.

Photo: #viewfromawindow
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