oki-ni presents PEAL by Ewan Pearson

Ewan Pearson was a steadfast remixer during the time I was knee deep in house vinyl. I’ve never actually checked, but I’d love to know how many of his remixes I inadvertently own from being on the flip side of so many of my favourite tracks from the early 2000’s. Ladytron, Chemical Brothers, Playgroup, Depeche Mode and that catchy Seelenluft tune, I remember vividly, Ewan playing an absolutely storming house and techno set following one of Justice’s first big performances at Benicassim a few years ago. It’s great to hear a man of influence come full circle, drop his work tools and put together a mix which feature’s absolutely nothing you’d normally associate him with.

‘Peal’ would sit nicely amongst the classic ‘Back To Mine’ series to be honest and is named so due to it being ‘”full of bells and even when there aren’t many, the music seems to chime like bells do”. A mixed bag of laid back tracks ranging from ambient, dub and minimal to electronica and instrumental guitar and vocal tracks. As Ewan states, it’s stuff he likes to listen when not at work; it’s refreshing and full of many hidden gems I haven’t the foggiest about.

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01. Linda Perhacs – Spoken Intro To Leonard Rosenman
02. Max Richter – Laika’s Journey
03. Mountains – Sheets Two
04. Set Fire To Flames – And The Birds Are About To Bust Their Guts With Singing
05. Area C – An After Image
06. Glen Branca – Lesson No. 1
07. Mauritsstadt Dub – Musica De Cabloco Tocado No Pifano
08. Codek – Tim Toum
09. John Bender – 36A3
10. Lackluster – N
11. Isolée – My Hi-Matic
12. Sian Alice Group – Motionless
13. Michael Andrews – Boy Moves The Sun
14. Juana Molida – Micael
15. Brigitte Fontaine – Tanka II
16. Burnt Friedman and Jaki – Liebezeit The Librarian
17. Derek Jarman – Pearl Fishers In Azure Seas
18. Superpitcher – Moon Fever
19. Bill Callahan – Night

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One Response to “oki-ni presents PEAL by Ewan Pearson”

  1. I’m digging this mix big time, love how he uses bells in the beginning to evoke childhood memories…..love the track around 18 mins which builds beautifully

    Posted by Vishal | June 6, 2011, 4:54 pm

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