Passing by: Dauwd, sgnl_fltr, Adam X, Loscil & Matthias Rock

I’m finding so much music recently, the odd track, mix or artist I’m yet to dig in to but desperate to share, not to mention all the stuff that you guys send me. So, I’m starting a new series of posts titled ‘Passing by’. Most of you will know where the inspiration for the title comes from and I’m aiming for these posts to be quick bites – a bit of regular music that may (or may not) inspire you to dig deeper into the artists featured.

So, welcome to numero uno.

Dauwd – Shimmer
A nice little two track EP, with one track feeling very summer (Could it be) and the second (Shimmer) a beautiful slice of organic electronica. Via You’ll Soon Know.

sgnl_fltr - atrum
And then it all gets a bit sinister…. It’s described as ‘a collection of various depressing minimal techno and electronic tracks’ which is a bit worrying. But i’ve checked it out and there’s some really nice (albeit dark and long) music in this LP by Denmark’s, Danny Kreutzfeldt. More info. Thanks to Pete Srdic for the link.

Matthias Rock – Lighthouse Fallen Into Oblivion Part II
Another set from Matthias, the man behind the bvdub, Desolate and Arc Of Doves tributes, this time with a deep and twisted Echospace themed mix.

01 DeepChord presents Echospace – Symbolism In Transition
02 Mokira – Axis Audio (Echospace Model I)
03 Fluxion – Inflection (Beyond Nyquist Mix by Rod Modell)
04 DeepChord presents Echospace – Firefly
05 Kaito – And That Was The Way (Echospace’s Transcendental State)
06 Fluxion – Waves (Solar Constant Mix by Rod Modell)
07 DeepChord presents Echospace – Float
08 Octal Industries – Arrival
09 Hatikvah – In The Spirit (Detroit Kinematic Mix)
10 cv313 – Beyond The Clouds

Electric Deluxe Podcast 043 ADMX-71 (Adam X)
Again, some more dark ambient and techno, this time from Sonic Groove’s Adam X. Thanks again to Pete Srdic for testing the water (i should have called this post the ‘Srdic Series’!)

1.Biosphere & Pete Namelook-X2 Gebirge
4.Klinik & Vidna Obmana-Track 7
6.ADMX-71-In Decay We Lurk
7.David Morley-Ghosts
9.Pain Station-Sinking
10.Thomas Heckmann-Astral Chains
12.Peter Benisch-Part 6
13.Ø-S Bahn
14.Reload-1624 Try 621
16.Anthony Rother-Elixor Of Life Pt9
17.Click Click-Skripglow
18.Clock DVA-Hacked
19.Luke Slaters 7th Plain-Reality Of Space
20.Legowelt-Airplanes In The Rain
21.Ringtailed Snorter-Deprivation
22.Beaumont Hannant-Sym-Phon 5
24.Skinny Puppy-Jackhammer
25.Arpanet-Probability Density

Loscil – Mix For Rapture
Without realising, this post has turned out to be very sinister! Lastly, Loscil turns in a mix in dedication to the apparent Rapture that should have saw an end to us all on Saturday. As expected, a collection of melancholic and achingly beautiful ambient and cinematic pieces from William Basinski, bvdub, Ben Frost, Tim Hecker and Max Richter. Available to stream on Loscil’s mixcloud.

Image: Another Window.
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4 Responses to “Passing by: Dauwd, sgnl_fltr, Adam X, Loscil & Matthias Rock”

  1. Ryan, the Electric Deluxe series is one of the most underrated podcasts out there, I’ve been bigging it up on a lot of sites…..check out Pete Namlook, Material Object, Mateo Murphy, Joel Mull, Speedy J, Matthew Hawtin, Pub for some chilled, downtempo, eclectic experimental goodness

    Posted by Vishal | May 22, 2011, 5:22 pm
  2. Thanks vishal, looks like ive got some digging to do then!

    Posted by Ryan | May 23, 2011, 10:14 pm


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