Koss, Popnoname and Desolate Mixes

Ive just stumbled across one of those websites who has a URL and enough adverts to send you running a mile. However, Japanese site Clubberia happens to have an amazing back catalogue of podcasts sitting there nicely unexplored by the ASIP ears…

Up first, an ambient mix by Kuniyuki Takahashi – now that’s something you don’t come across every day. I love Kuniyuki Takahashi’s music and to find a mix like this with such a superb track listing – what a rarity!

Kun’s ‘Ancient Rain‘ CD on Mule Electronic remains one of my favourite albums (on one of my favourite labels), and unbelievably I’ve only just recently included one of his tracks in an ASIP mix  (‘1978to2008′ was featured on the ASIP Modyfier Mix). This mix serves as a great reminder of Kun’s talent and grounding in ambient.

Get ready for a mixture of haunting, pulsating and glistening music compiled by one of Japan’s finest artists.

Download (or see the original post on Clubberia)

01. Kraftwerk / Heimatklange
02. Michael Stearns / Distant Thunder
03. Robin Guthrie, Harold Budd / How Close Your Soul
04. Steve Roach / Your Own Eyes
05. Tim Blake / Last ride of boogie child
06. Isao Tomita / Footprints In The Snow
07. Wendy Carlos / Aurora Borealis
08. Jon Hassell / Aurora
09. Lawrence / Floating
10. Simon Fisher Turner / The End Credits /
11. Lonnie Liston Smith Garden of Peace
12. Sebastian Mullaert / La*t bjo”rkarna vissna
13. David Byrne / Cloud Chamber
14. Hauschka / Nadelwald
15. Mono Fontana / Tarde, De Tu Lado

Next on the list, Pop Ambient’s very own Popnoname. Again, another artist I always wondered if, and when would produce a mix. Jens-Uwe Beyer has chosen what must be some of his favourite Pop Ambient tracks for this one, including my favourite by Markus Guentner – Express Yourself.

Download (or see original post on Clubberia)

1. “Express Yourself” – Markus Guentner (Pop Ambient 2003)
2. “Manana” – Gustavo Lamas (Pop Ambient 2001)
3. “Come To Where I Go” – Dirk Leyers (Pop Ambient 2006)
4. “Bodenweich” – DJ Koze (Pop Ambient 2010)
5. “Wasted Years” – Ulf Lohman (Pop Ambient 2005)
6. “Nightliner” – Popnoname (Pop Ambient 2009)
7. “All (Remix)” – Mint (Pop Ambient 2001)
8. “In Lourdes” – Triola (Pop Ambient 2008)
9. “Sakura” – Pass Into Silence (Pop Ambient 2004)

The third but by no means last mix I was gleaming to see, was by the one and only Sven Weisemann aka Desolate – the man behind one of my favourite records of the year so far. No tracklisting for this, but If you’re a fan of Desolate’s ‘The Invisible Insurrection’, be advised this mix is slightly more lively than the album – perhaps more on the ‘Burial’ side of things, but still, a stunning selection of dubstep.

Download (or see the original post on Clubberia)

That’s just three to keep you and me busy. If you haven’t browsed the entire podcast catalog yet, you’re missing episodes from James Holden, Modeselektor and Donato Dozzy to name just a few more.

I take what I said about the URL and adverts back… I love you Clubberia.

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