DF Tram and DJ Rich-Ears present Lunar Fizz

The distinguished DJ Rich-Ears returns to the ASIP mix arena alongside San Francisco’s very own enigmatic chill-out curator, DF Tram for a very special collaborative and mesmerizing audio journey.

Discussing the mix over a beer in Amsterdam last month, DJ Rich-Ears described his collaboration with DF Tram as something he has long been looking forward to. After ‘enjoying Dylan’s fine sounds for quite a while, a project alongside a gifted and talented producer and musician’ was always going to be something special for Rich-Ears.

The master of themed mixes (DJ Rich-Ears has a superb ‘Perfect’ series) and DF Tram ended up shooting sections of the mix back and forth, across the Atlantic to reach a two-hour orbit of meandering, mystical, eclectic ambient and space themed music, that stands true to its emphatic curators. The original intention of this mix was to produce a Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy’ themed set, and a few of the samples are still evident – making it a fitting tribute to Douglas Adams (HHGTTG Author), who died ten years ago to this day.

From a legendary wordsmith to musical legends; Lamb, Carl Sagan, Wagon Christ, Tangerine Dream and Giorgio Moroder sit amongst some rare gems and personal favourites. Vocal samples form the glue and intro the unexpected twists and turns. It’s a mix which needs your full attention and two hours of musical indulgence will leave you reflecting on a mix which has taken you to the moon and back.

As an extra treat, Hikaru Digi has provided some special Lunar Fizz artwork to complete a trio of talent for us all to enjoy.



Wagon Christ – Mr. Mukatsuku
heRobust – Lumber Party
DF Tram & Future BC – Night of the Hunter
Carl Sagan & Stephen Hawking – Glorious Dawn (Cosmos remixed)
Dem Hunger – Zebra Skull Make From Snack
Outer Space series Vol.3 – Starting Teeth ‘Force’ (Jules Chaz Remix)
Pous – space in shadow feat.Sole
Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra – Space-Patrol (Raumpatrouille)
Tangerine Dream- Love on a Real Train
Williams – Love on a real train (Studio version)
Wamdue Project – Floating World
Kay Nakayama – Conscious Universe
Heprcam – Dionna
Andreas Vollenweider -Steam Forest
Giorgio Moroder – Fly Too High (Instrumental)
Tom Dissevelt – Ignition
Beaver and Krause – By your grace
Delkom – Superjack (Orbital Infusion 2000)
Neon Heights – Walked out this morning
G O Z N E РVivisección Parte 3
Innerlight Spectrum – Flowing Divinity Ft.Garen & Iris
(vox sample)
JUmp/Cut – Intermission
Lamb – Strong the root (Instrumental)
Digi G Alessio – Disco Zamba prt1
Junip – Always (Prefuse 73 remix)
(vox sample)
Heart Piece1- Master 10.6.2
Mokhov – Fragments of Hope
Air Liquide – If there was no gravity
Sadie Glutz – The Meteorite

To follow the guys behind this special mix, you can check out all of DJ Rich-Ears mixes on his Facebook Page, Soundcloud or Mixcloud including his ‘Perfect’ series and soon, the upcoming ‘Perfect Bonobo’ mix. And to follow DF Tram on his sonic travels, his website or Facebook page should be your first stop. Not forgetting Hikaru Digi’s brilliant art and music blog, Abstract Ink.

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