Origami Sound Wrap 3

The last five tracks from my guest posts on Origami Sound, featuring a classic from way back in 1997 courtesy of Monolake, a hidden gem from Ourson, recent tracks by TTK and Arc of Doves and a massive new track from Zephyr Nova. Keep your ears peeled for an exclusive Origami Sound mix i’ve put together featuring all fifteen tracks posted over the past month… (See the first five here, and second five here)

Arc of Doves – Lotus.
Another stunning Japanese artist; Tetsuya Nakamura. This track is absolute perfection for me and the piano is achingly beautiful – a great example of classical/electronic combination working in perfect harmony. I haven’t got much more to say on this really, apart from I wish Tetsuya made a lot more music

Ourson – 237

I only recently stumbled across Ourson and his productions are limited in number, but stunning in quality. This is pure emotive music that helps me fall in love, over and over again with the ambient genre. I can imagine someone as talented as him making this track within hours, out of pure personal inspiration. It’s a piece of art.

– Wavecoaster

Dark and driving electronica from down under, this is the latest release from one of my favourite net-labels, ‘Secret Station’. The album ‘Ninety Two’ and in particular this track, epitomizes the quality of releases this label puts out and I recommend you go check out every single one.

Monolake – Arte
A weird and pointless story about my Monolake MP3 collection… ever since i transferred loads of MP3’s from my old iPod into my iTunes, it’s wiped all of the song names and replaced them with encrypted 4-letter names such as CBBJ, or HZCR. I haven’t bothered to change the names back and for years now, i’ve come to recognise Monolake’s tracks by 4 letters. Weirdly enough, this one stayed the same – ARTE. It must have been fate. Anyway… This is taken from Monolake’s first release back in 1997 and is an amazing deep dive into early dub-techno. Every now and then i love to turn on the deep button within mixes and i love it when DJ’s hit this point within live sets. 4AM job right here.

Zephyr Nova – Searching For Signals

This is the kind of track I love to hear out: a devastating drop and the beats to back it up. I’m looking forward to the rest of Zephyr Nova’s stuff; Eric has a release due on Viva Music anytime now which sounds really promising.

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2 Responses to “Origami Sound Wrap 3”

  1. The Zephyr Nova album has already been released on eViVE (label started by Steve Lawler of Viva Music). It’s previewable/buyable on bleep and beatport:
    And this is eViVE’s website which also includes a free download of a track that didn’t quite make the final cut: http://www.eviverecords.com/
    Cheers, and thanks for the plug!

    Posted by Eric | April 18, 2011, 10:52 am
  2. Incredible artist – you can also find one his tracks on my latest Audioglider Mixtape – track 2 – Why let go.


    Posted by Audioglider | April 18, 2011, 4:34 pm

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