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As most of you know, I’ve been moonlighting on Origami Sound for the past week or so now. Old, new, favourite’s, and future classics; no rules just some great music that’s worth sharing to as many people as possible.

Of course, I wouldn’t want ASIP readers to miss out, so I’ll be summarising the tracks at the end of each week.

Follow Origami Sound throughout March for the rest of the posts, or catch them on the Origami Sound Facebook page. Here’s the first five:

Isan – Ampule:
Isan are the kings of raw electronica. You can hear the manipulative looping, breading analogue warmth throughout everything they touch. But, you’ll be lucky to see them do it together.

Isan collaborate thousands of miles apart, with Robin based in the UK’s Southend, and Antony living in Sweden. How on earth do you make music this good? How on earth do you do it from different countries?! The wonders of the Internet eh?

Chymera – Umbrella:
Sometimes tracks are overworked. Sometimes, a producer hits upon an absolute gem, but then continues to dilute the beauty it is striving to achieve. Not that the original is that bad… This remix strips the track down to its core three elements:

A bubbling synth, a hook of a bassline and sky high pads. I can’t help but wish someone made a 5-hour version of this track, I could listen to it all day long, over and over. Classic.

FRKTL – Tidal:
A prospering young talent with a wealth of promise judging on this track and the rest of FRKTL’s debut album. Ambient, glitch, dubstep, techno, IDM… whatever elements you’re hearing in there, forget about it. This wasn’t made with a genre in mind; it’s dark, twisted, epic and was made by a genuine enthusiast for electronic music with the skills to transform passion into product. Follow FRKTL on Facebook.

(You can purchase the amazing full album for $5 on FRKTL’s Bandcamp.)

Gus Gus – Detention:
Iceland is most famous for their stunning ambient and neo-classical exports. Gus Gus break the trend and turn in favour of something much more upbeat. Despite ‘Detention’ being a synth dream, it is in fact the only beat-less track on their most applauded album, ‘Forever’.

If you fell in love with this sound, try the rest of the album, and expect much of the same but wrapped in acid-led house beats and beautiful vocals. I can’t help but wish Gus-Gus tried their hand at something much more downtempo one day, but I think their glory days are long gone, despite a signing to Kompakt. (Let’s hope they make me eat my words with their upcoming album!)

Aus – Clocks:
Timid in his ways and gentle in his productions. Well… I guess that’s why I love this track so much – the surprising change in pace and drums isn’t what you come to expect from Yasuhiko, I saw him play live on a Saturday morning last year at the beautiful Union Chapel in London. People sat in the Church benches, sipping tea, wrapped up warm, whilst Yasuhiko played the piano and made surreal field recordings with tiny unknown instruments live on stage. His politeness and gratefulness to the twenty or so people in the crowd was touching and made an intimate gig a special memory for many. Follow Aus on Facebook.

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