You may remember me pointing out a track by Russian artist Bulb, which featured on ASC’s RA mix a few months ago. Well, annoyingly ‘Tenderness’ is still ‘forthcoming’ and yet to emerge from the underground. However… I’m still managing to get my fix by tuning in to Bulb’s alter-ego, Fill and two of his recent mixes.

First up is Fill’s mix for Origamisound – Dualism. A gentle take on some of his favourite ambient and neo-classical works including Harold Budd, Crisopa, Aphex Twin and ASIP favourite, Naono. See the full post on Origamisound for an in-depth dive into Fill’s music by site editor Herne.


01. Crisopa – Óvulos
02. Harold Budd – Sunday After the War
03. Icebreaker International & Manual – A Turning
04. Mark McGuire – Explosion Alarm
05. Kan Sano – Inspiration Source 01
06. Michael Hoppe – Daydream
07. MJ Cole – Warm
08. Naono – Tender Telescope
09. Александр Зацепин – Женщина которая поёт
10. Aphex Twin – Nanou2
11. Vidas M – Blur Silence
12. Seedart – Seedart – Improvisation
13. Mantsevich Dzenis – November
14. Burial – In McDonalds
15. Marow – Hadar
16. Phil Gerus – Finale Unreached
17. Orla Wren – Two Note Winter
18. Medkit – w.e.s.n.a.

The second mix, dates back a few months but is an absolute stunner. Along the same lines as the above, with a similar all-star line-up, ‘Dialogue’ features, Helios, Mark Pritchard, Dryft, Angelo Badalamenti and the trusty Naono and Aphex Twin.

Pop along to the mix on Mixcloud to download (Mediafire link) and for full tracklisting.

Oh and if you fancy something more upbeat and along the Autonomic/DnB sound, do check out Daniil’s other production alias, Bulb, especially his ‘Into The Deep’ mixes.

Fill ya boots.

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