Mig Dfoe – The Stone Master

ASIP favourites Traum Schallplatten have recently launched a new label to accompany their already large label roster (Traum, Trapez, My Best Friend amongst others). Initiated by honchos Riley and Jacqueline Reinhold, the pair wanted to create a label which wasn’t restrained by the need to cater for DJ’s.

The new label ‘Zaubernuss’ is a slight shift in their growing techno spectrum and is described as the ‘expressive, emotional side of music’. For (what I would describe is) one of the most melodic and emotional techno labels out there, the hint it could dive even deeper into this territory had me a little excited.

The first release on the Zaubernuss label goes to Mig Dfoe. Normally reserving his production qualities for remixes of Minilogue, Applescal and Extrawelt, Mig Dfoe has been busy piecing together an album which crosses multiple electronic styles. After six years perfecting his talent in several rock bands, Mig Dfoe approached this record with live drums and percussion, adding an additional organic layer to a primarily electronic album. From dubstep, to more straight-up 4×4 beats, the title track ‘The Stone Master’ even manages to combine breaks, a subtle MC and some lush, emotive pads. However, don’t let that put you off.

Mig Dfoe also includes some wonderful textures amongst several of the tracks (Histeria, Real de 14 and the Hollow Hills rmx), as well as several standalone ambient pieces – the variation of tracks on the album ensured a listen from start to finish and several repeats without getting bored. Techno, Breaks, Dub, Ambient, it’s all in there. And it’s done in style.

However It’s the last track on the album which stands out from the rest; ambient gem, ‘Aqui Dentro’ closely followed by, ‘Real de 14’. Unfortunately, there’s no sample of those yet so instead I’ll leave you with two other previews from ‘The Stone Master': ‘Behind The Hope’ and ‘Hollow Hills’. Neither of these tracks do any justice to the album as a whole, so I can only urge you to go and try the whole thing…

Behind the hope (preview). by Mig Dfoe

hollow hills rmx (PREVIEW) by Mig Dfoe

01. Mig Dfoe – Behind the Hope
02. Mig Dfoe – Thinking Course
03. Mig Dfoe – Zomby
04. Mig Dfoe – Stone Master
05. Mig Dfoe – Dreams Architect
06. Mig Dfoe – Amatea
07. Riley Reinhold – Hollow Hills (Mig Dfoe Remix)
08. Mig Dfoe – Histeria
09. Mig Dfoe – Broken
10. Mig Dfoe – Real De 14
11. Mig Dfoe – Reborn
12. Mig Dfoe – Aqui Dentro

Get it here.

If you’re new to Traum, check out this ASIP Traumbient mix featuring some of my favourite ambient releases from the label.

Mig has now uploaded previews to my favourite tracks, Aqui Dentro and Real De 14:

Aqui dentro (Preview) by Mig Dfoe

Real de 14 (Preview) by Mig Dfoe
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