A Halloween hoard

It’s been a busy week for me and the music has been stocking up. Time for a MULTI post!

Halloween mixes from SOS and RA:
SOS offer up a free Halloween inspired mix, featuring Boards of Canada, Brian Eno and Slowdive. Check out the original post over on SOS for download.

In the same vain as last years original Quiet Village mix, RA are this year offering another unique set by John Carpenter’s soundtrack collaborator Alan Howarth. Download here. No tracklist, but you’ll be recognising quite a few from movies past.

Komputer Cast 4
I spent last week listening to Airliner, now this week’s seen an 80’s synth insurgence with Com Truise’s (Airliner) latest Komputer Cast. Think retro. Think Amiga. (I miss my Amiga…)

Keytars & Violins Mix:
The clocks go back tonight and the dark nights move forward, but this mix by Keytars & Violins should make it a little easier. Featuring The Orb, Autechre, Âme and Manuel Gottsching, the mix was put together to represent the changing of seasons and flows through some nice electronica and more techno/house orientated pieces. See the post on the Keytars & Violins blog for tracklist and download (via SOS).

Lowlight – Far From Home:
The title and tracklist do the best job describing this mix, so i’ll say no more and let you dive in to Lowlight’s latest themed ambient mix. Download.

00:00 Lunar Testing Lab – Space Traffic Control
01:00 Brian Eno – Asteroid Dawn
04:40 A Produce – The Big Sleep
09:40 Harmonia – Weird Dream
11:10 Wouter Veldhuis – 1st Lite
18:30 Steve Roach – Deep sky Time
24:40 Austere – Lid
28:00 Mike Griffin & A Produce – Altara
31:45 Lunar Testing Lab – Paaliaq
33:05 Sonmi451 – Orange
38:45 Thomas Fehlman – in the wind
43:10 Spheruleus – Disintegrate
48:30 Fripp & Eno – Meissa
55:30 Sonmi451 – Blue
1:00:00 end

Elika’s new album – Snuggle Bunnies:
New York’s finest vocal sets alight this new offering from Elika. Evagelia’s unique and loveable sound makes it an addictive record, but the surprising appeal for me lies in the hands of band member Brian Wenckebach. Responsible for the rich textured guitars and the three ambient productions included on the record, the talent in Elika doesn’t lie solely in Evagelia’s voice. Brian and Evagelia have kindly offered the first track off the album, ‘Summer’ for free download.

Last but not least, my input for this Halloween, a creepy Boards of Canada video.

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