Straightman – Compilated 2

Muddy, underwater, tapey. That’s how Straightman describes his Compilated 2 mix, all thanks to Tangerine Dream’s Phaedre and Rubycon. He’s even gone as far as to roll off some of the top end on some of the tracks to emphasize that sub aquatic feel, extending it, into his own productions.

Straightman’s mix includes some deep drones and melancholic ambient, all balanced neatly with some familiar faces such as Boards of Canada and Art Of Noise, which momentarily fill you with familiarity, only to drop you back into the twisting and diverse ambient coma.

“Thirty odd years later and I’m still haunted by that lo-fi mellotron choir sound that’s all over Phaedre. Donna by AON has always sounded a bit like early TD to me, and it’s ironic that cutting edge Fairlight use lends a similar vibe to the tape driven gear of a decade earlier. Some of the stuff on here, like AON, or Doctor Who or Yello isn’t deliberately ambient by any means, or wasn’t at the time. You don’t seem to get that sort of electronic music anymore – ‘instrumental’. It’s always ambient or with a beat….I quite like the phrase ‘instrumental’ – it’s a bit old fashioned”

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Compilated 2: Ski in the key of Dee by Straightman

01. Straightman – Distended Kidney/Quantum Life
02. Straightman – As Usual
03. Brian Eno & Peter Schwalm – Like Pictures Part 1
04. Brian Eno & Peter Schwalm – Like Pictures Part 2
05. Boards of Canada – A Beautiful Place Out In the Country
06. Art of Noise – Donna
07. Richard H Kirk – November X-Ray Mexico
08. Yello – Massage
09. Yello – Assistant’s Cry
10. Tangerine Dream – Phaedra (extract)/Art of Noise – Donna /Ian Fenton – Fuzzy
11. SPX Yolo – Hickory Dickory Fuck (extract)
12. Paul Harrison – Unknown from X-Piano
13. AFX – Analogue Bubblebath 3
14. Straightman – Marchpane
15. Roger Limb/BBC Radiophonic workshop – Doctor Who: Caves of Androzani
16. Boards of Canada – Happy Cycling (extract)
17. Reload – The Enlightenment
18. Global Communication – 4.14

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