Zoon Van Snook

One of the stand out tracks from About Face Musik’s mix: Zoon Van Snook‘s Bibliophone.

Amazing melody, crunchy little sounds and immense progressive synth layering. Not to mention samples using books and a guitar/drum crescendo of biblical Bibliophone proportions. A track this good always leads me to a bit of digging around and the findings?… Lets start with this neat little video:

An interview with Stephen Merchant and Alec Snook ended up backing into a corner whilst managing to tout Bibliophone on BBC6 Music. Luckily, Stephen realised how good the track actually is and proceeded to ask about the samples and the madness behind it:
Stephen Merchant Interview BBC6 by zoonvansnook

If you like Bibliophone, Alec also has a talent for remixing, with several available on his Soundcloud, including remixes of Dextro, Radiohead and an awesome Caribou sounding remix of Darwin Deez, below:

Darwin Deez ‘Up in the Clouds’ (Zoon van snooK Remix) by zoonvansnook

If like me, you find yourself kneeling in the face of Alec Snook genius’ productions, you can purchase Zoon Van Snook’s four-track EP ‘Interviews and Interludes’ from the Cookshop Music website, iTunes or Juno which also features this amazing track – ‘Troublesome Trucks’.

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